About The Artist

"I love working in black, white and shades of gray. It forces one to pay attention to the contrast, the highlights, and the shadows. There’s no color to distract the eye, most importantly black and white are colors that everyone in the world have been exposed to. I’m all about inclusivity."

"People often ask me if I can I paint in color. Yes. I get asked that quite often because I feel they believe painting in black and white is easy. I beg to differ! It can be quite tricky to create different textures like hair, metal, skin, fabric with only black and white paint."

"People are so interesting. I love to take an image of a person and manipulate them into how I see them in my mind. I am not a photorealistic painter. I do portraits in my own style that bring out a real emotional connection to the person being portrayed that penetrate the viewer on a deeper level"

"It is my hope for you enjoy my page. Should one of my pieces find their way to your home I hope it will provide you with the same happiness it gave me creating it."

 - Ciara Che Callwood

A native New Yorker born in the 80's and raised in the 90's in Manhattan, Ciara currently resides in Los Angeles California.


Studio Art Background:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Collage
  • 3D sculpture

Educational Background:

  • St. Thomas University
  • The City College of New York
  • Barry University
  • The School of Visual Arts
  • The Clinton School for Writer's & Artist


  • Ed.D of Education in Leadership and Innovation (2021*)
  • MS Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 2012
  • BFA Fine Arts 2007