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SEEING RED: Explorations in Anger

Brockley Forest 


Featuring artworks by Al Marcano, Amy Hay, Annabelle De Valle, Ciara Che, Charles Osawa, Crystal June Glass, DBYJ, Eddy Falconer, Glenn Wagner, Jordan Hall, Josh Lewis, Judith Bowman, JOUX, Justice Duncan, KJ Cooksey, Larry Caveney, Mara Moon Marcano, Magikircles, Mary Shanti, Nicole Pearson, Parker Boales, PJ Superior, S.P. Harper, Sabrina Evans, Scott Froschauer, Tatiana Echols, William Marquez

Performances by Sam Garong, Brockley Forest, Hey Swear Words, Colette von, and Emily Colver


Santee Street Public Gallery

The Santee Street Public Gallery is a community-led art project committed to renovating the Santee Street buildings into an outdoor, public art gallery, making the area safer and more visually appealing for the residents and surrounding businesses. ONE ONE SIX TWO is proud to donate 50% of ‘SEEING RED’ proceeds to this organization, excluding online and door donations which go directly to the donation pool.  

View their funding website and additional information here:

INSTAGRAM: @SanteePublicGallery   

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